1. #82: Silver II - 53 LP

    Their Team: Caitlyn, Shyvana, Lux, Jax, Taric

    Our Team: Graves (me), Vi, Katarina, Vladimir, Leona

    Result: Victory (+23 LP) - Silver II (76 LP)

    LoL Replay: [download] (v0.8.2.1)

    Vi got an early gank somewhere.

    We were doing okay on bot. Vi ganked and I got a kill on Taric, but she and Leona herpderped and gave Cait a double kill because they turret dove too long. I outCSed Cait by a good amount despite that.

    Kat started getting dumped on by Shyvana. She went like 1/6 in lane.

    Vlad and Jax were pretty much playing a farm game at top, where Vlad was slightly ahead.

    Mid and bot outer turrets fell. 

    We got all the dragons.

    When teamfights started, we were winning despite the enemy’s advantage. Shyvana and Jax would jump on someone, and I would go in after they blew the jumps. Then they’d try to go for me, and Kat would pop in and wreck their back line.

    They got Baron at one point, but we’d already shoved mid inhib, so we just pressured top.

    Another teamfight under top inhibitor turret and we won.



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